Notos Trading Ltd. specializes in the production of Medjoul Dates & Natural Medjoul Date syrup from Israel.

Both products are available year-around under the “Desert Star” brand.

“Desert Star” dates are selected Premium dates that adhere to the highest international standards during cultivation and product handling.

They are produced under eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Most of our dates come from the Arava desert where they grow naturally in a region with an optimal climate for producing high quality dates.

The King of Dates

Desert Star

The Medjoul is a large and impressive fruit with a rich and full taste.

Its color is reddish brown, and it contains a high level of phenolic compounds (antioxidants) as well as high levels of dietary fibers and iron.

Unlike other types of dates, it is tree-ripened and does not go through a chemical treatment – no additives or preservatives are applied. For the above attributes the Medjoul has rightfully earned its name as “The King of Dates”.

Medjoul dates are served fully dry, semi-dry or so called “juicy” depending on the stage they are harvested.

Silan – Medjoul Date Syrup

shutterstock_652146568Date Syrup is an exceptional natural sweetener and a substitute for sugar.

It contains natural sugar which is a source of available energy and is rich in minerals and fiber.

Desert Star date syrup is extracted in a meticulous process that preserves the aromas and natural flavors of the dates. The product is typically quite unrefined and is extracted from 100% Medjoul dates using a soaking and squeezing process.

No sugars or preservatives are added, and the date syrup is Kosher, Vegan, Paleo and Gluten‐free.

Both the process and the premium variety of dates used result in a premium product that unlike other substitutes, maintains its thick texture and rich flavor.

It is suitable for seasoning and enriching foods, as well as for cakes and ice cream.

Desert Star date syrup has shelf‐life of 1 year when stored in a cool, dry place and not refrigerated.

It is produced in compliance with the stringent international and Israeli food-industry standards and is certified with BRC and ISO 2009.

It is suitable for consumption as a candy or a spread and it is used in cooking and in baking.

Try to mix it with Tahini!

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